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The Cassa per il Mezzogiorno, the World Bank and the Model for Italian Economic Development

This research, carried out in original documents by the World Bank, which were intended exclusively for internal use and were made available to scholars only a few years ago, tackles the theme of the extraordinary intervention in Southern Italy from an international perspective. The book provides an updated view of the issues concerning the regions of Southern Italy, as well as the solutions proposed for the “Southern Question” during the years of the post-war reconstruction of Italy, creating the only period of convergence – considering the whole of the history of united Italy – between Southern and Northern Italy and between the entire country and the most advanced Western economies during the golden age.

The volume enhances our understanding of such a decisive development phase, especially within the framework of both Italian and international economic history, following the peacetime rebuilding of Italy and before the crisis of the 1970s, while providing very useful elements in order to analyse the current events of both the Mezzogiorno and all of Italy.

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