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CFA: Doctoral Programme in History and Civilisation

Sono aperte le candidature per il Dottorato di ricerca in History and Civilisation presso l’Istituto Universitario Europeo di Firenze

Di seguito una serie di webinar introduttivi per i potenziali candidati.

This year, the EUI’s Department of History and Civilisation are organizing a series of live interactive webinars in which prospective applicants will be able to find out more about the History PhD programme, by talking directly to its faculty and its researchers.

After a short introduction to the EUI and the department, participants will be able to discuss and ask questions regarding the PhD, life at the EUI, in Florence and more.

3 November at 14:30 CET with Professors Giancarlo Casale and Benno Gammerl: https://www.eui.eu/events?id=543244

24 November at 15:00 CET with Professors Lucy Riall and Giorgio Riello: https://www.eui.eu/events?id=543247

1 December at 15:00 CET with Professor Nicolas Guilhot: https://www.eui.eu/events?id=543249

14 December at 15:00 CET with Professor Glenda Sluga: https://www.eui.eu/events?id=543264

EUI History and Civilisation PhD programme:

EUI PhD programme general information:

Applications are open from 1st November 2021 until 31st January 2022.

We are also starting to regularly post about the call for applications and the webinars on the HEC Twitter account @EUI_History (last tweet: https://twitter.com/EUI_History/status/1318827449216585728 )