Ciclo di seminari: Business History Fall Seminar, Monday afternoons from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, 3 ottobre- 14 novembre 2022

Workshop series: “Commodities in History: Theoretical Reflections and Empirical Case Studies”, 7 settembre-6 ottobre 2022
7 Settembre 2022
2° festival del lavoro, Pistoia, 16-18 settembre 2022
8 Settembre 2022

Si segnala il ciclo di seminari: “Business and Inequality.” The meetings will take place, via Zoom, on Mondays from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time). Papers will be available one week before each session. 

 The seminar is organized by Geoff Jones and Melanie Sheehan, HBS.  

October 3  William Lazonick, UMass Lowell  “Investing in Innovation: Confronting Predatory Value Extraction in the US Corporation”  

October 17 Quinn Slobodian, HBS and Wellesley  “The Ethno-Economy: Peter Brimelow’s Short Leap from Financial Journalism to the Alt-Right”  

October 24 Kari Zimmerman, University of St. Thomas  “Strategic Entrepreneurship: Businesswomen and Brazilian Economic Development, 1870-1910”  

October 31 Thomas Fetzer, Central European University “How Transnational Challenges Rekindle National Allegiances: European Labor Organizations and US Car Multinationals in the Post-1945 Period”  

November 7  ​Diana Kim, Georgetown University”A Most Durable Inequality: Caste and Untouchable Labor across Post-World War Two Industrializing Asia”  

November 14  Kendra Boyd, Rutgers University”Shifting Economic Landscapes: African American Migrant Entrepreneurs in Interwar Detroit, Michigan”  

Please send an email to if you’d like to attend one or more of these Zoom meetings (if you have not already done so).  

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